The decision to establish the Special Unit for Biomedical Research and Education (hereinafter referred to as ‘SUBRE’) has resulted from the Senate’s conviction that the high quality of healthcare services is a fundamental societal demand and should be based on interdisciplinary scientific approaches that comprise mainly medicine, biology and technology. The ongoing advancements in molecular biology, genetics and pharmacology constitute essential factors for the effective provision of healthcare service while combined with biomedical informatics, they can contribute to effective diagnostic and therapeutic approach of patients.

The School of Medicine is AUTh largest School and it was recently ranked in an international evaluation as top among the country’s seven University Schools of Medicine. Its human resources are of high quality, with faculty members that spent many years of postgraduate education and professional training abroad and who continuously produce a high level of scientific and clinical workload. Therefore, SUBRE founding is considered necessary for it will facilitate the collaboration and interaction between the School of Medicine and scientific groups from other University Schools with relevant research interests, as well as institutions and/or companies dealing with biomedical research, medical education, Continuing Professional Development and the provision of quality healthcare services. Furthermore, establishing SUBRE will contribute substantially to the added value of the innovation zone of the School of Medicine and of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, as well as to the city of Thessaloniki and generally to Northern Greece.

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