Aims and Objectives

The aim of the SUBRE is to support and promote biomedical research and education based on interdisciplinary approaches. Specifically, it aims at:

  • Facilitating two-way collaboration between various medical, dental and pharmaceutical specialties as well as other subject domains within the health sciences, biomedical engineering, molecular medicine, pharmacogenetics and biotechnology.
  • Developing biomedical research in basic biosciences, in the area of translational research and applied biomedicine, in order to deliver quality, safe and continuing healthcare services to citizens, focusing on prevention and on -superior management of diseases.
  • Creating, evaluating and standardizing innovative research and educational products, systems and services, as well as establishing spin-off and start-up companies in order to support and bring up to the market innovative applications / products for biomedical practice.
  • Creating a meeting and working point for the academic community and biomedical research industry, aiming to come up with solutions to the interdisciplinary and complex problems in the field of biomedical research.

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