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Special Unit for Biomedical Research and Education

An initiative of School of Medicine of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in promoting biomedical research and education based on interdisciplinary approaches that include medicine, biology, genetics, molecular biology, pharmacology and bioinformatics

What we do

Facilitating two-way collaboration between various medical, dental and pharmaceutical specialties as well as other subject domains within the health sciences, biomedical engineering, molecular medicine, pharmacogenetics and biotechnology.

Developing biomedical research in basic biosciences, in the area of translational research and applied biomedicine, in order to deliver quality, safe and continuing healthcare services to citizens, focusing on prevention and on -superior management of diseases.

Creating, evaluating and standardizing innovative research and educational products, systems and services, as well as establishing spin-off and start-up companies in order to support and bring up to the market innovative applications / products for biomedical practice.

Creating a meeting and working point for the academic community and biomedical research industry, aiming to come up with solutions to the interdisciplinary and complex problems in the field of biomedical research.

SUBRE Structure

SUBRE supports and promotes biomedical research and education based on interdisciplinary approaches.
For meeting its scope SUBRE sets three units

Basic and Translational Research Unit

Main feature of the BTRU is the interdisciplinarity.
The Unit’s aim is to translate basic research findings into new approaches for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.
The BTRU scope of activities includes the supervision of postgraduate dissertations, PhD theses, post-doctoral research and other research or service provision projects.

Clinical Trials Unit

Main scope of the CRU is to run phase I clinical trials, studies of bioequivalence and/or therapeutic equivalence, pharmaco-vigilance and pharmaco-epidemiology studies. It shall also offer sub-specialty training to doctors who hold the Certificate of Specialisation in Clinical Pharmacology.
The CTU shall provide a portfolio of high-quality services on matters relating to the efficacy and safety of drugs .

Precision Medicine Unit

The main objective of Precision Medicine is to establish an individual’s predisposition to a specific disease, as well as to efficiently detect the establishment of a disease.
Genetic testing shall be a key activity for the PMU. It shall be focused on the investigation of and correlation between patient’s genome and the response to specific treatment options, as well as to the epigenetic impact of drugs and various environmental factors.

Medical Education Innovation & Research Unit

The “Medical Education Innovation & Research Unit” (MEIRU) aims at becoming a champion in attracting funding and high-quality research production in healthcare technology education, aligned with contemporary developments in the field of digital health and the associated requirement for digital skill sets and inter/multi professional training and Vocational Education Training (VET).


SUBRE collaborates with the School of Medicine of AUTh, many scientific groups from other
University Schools as well as national or international institutions and companies. See our partners >

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